Welcome to History of Recording
a Juried Engineering Publication

The way it sounds, matters! Are you interested in rejuvenating and rebuilding the music and recording industries…? Let's bring the magic back to music!"

We are aimed and targeted toward the aspiring, upcoming and future sound designer, audio engineer, as well as audio enthusiasts and professionals in the fields of music, recording, broadcast and sound reinforcement. We strive to remind the world of the whats, whys and hows behind the industries we are so passionate about.

As a member, of the site, you will find unique studio history, pictorials, discussions and many other informational sections regarding, technology, the analog and digital studio, audio recording techniques, sound production, mastering, sound engineering studies along with the associated evolution of the industry. Please feel free to add your own content, utilizing our "Share Your Content!" feature, located towards the bottom of most of our pages and throughout the site.

Our ever expanding equipment archive will include, but is certainly not limited to, gear manufactured by: 3M, Altec, Amek, Ampex, AMS, API, Audio and Design Recording, Collins, DBX, Dolby, Drawmer, Electrodyne, EMI, Eventide, Fairchild, Gates, Harrison, Helios, Lang, Langevin, Lexicon, MCI, Neumann, Neve, Orban, Otari, Pultec, Quad Eight Electronics, RCA, Revox, Scully, Solid State Logic, Sony, Stephens, Studer, Telefunken, Teletronix, Trident, Urei, Valley Audio and several more.

Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

Studio history
The analog magnetic tape recorder and reproducer
Recording, film and broadcast consoles
Studio outboard equipment
People of industry

The glossary of audio

Our goal has been to digitally archive the truly astonishing historical world of recording, sound technology, studios, recording engineers, industry associates, audio technology and equipment; much of which resides in the memory cortex's of various human brains and/or in, potentially, quantum entanglement around our planet and beyond.

The site features many tools along with reading material dedicated to both foundational and continued education in the recording arts along with a directory of educational institutions. Be sure to check out our Education/Articles section for the most updated, informative and educational articles focused on all levels of industry engineering studies.

Feel free to participate, by adding content, of all mediums, as this will be an agile-information and user-populated educational and research site. Enjoy!


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