Recording Equipment Schematics

Recording Equipment Schematics


AMPEX Model 300 Sel-Sync Schematic
AMPEX Model 300-2 Slave Electronics Schematic
AMPEX Model 307-2 Schematic
AMPEX Model 307-2 Meter Control Panel Schematic
AMPEX Model 352 Electronics Schematic
AMPEX Model 354 Electronics Response Curves and Schematics
AMPEX Model 354 Transport Control Circuits Schematic
AMPEX Model 601 Exploded Views and Schematics
AMPEX Model 602 Exploded Views and Schematics
AMPEX Model 936 Schematic
AMPEX AG-440B Transport Schematic
AMPEX AG-440C (Record Control PWA and Record/Reproduce Chassis Wiring Diagram)

AMPEX AG-440C (Record, Reproduce and Bias Amplifiers)
AMPEX AG-500 Schematics and Exploded Views
AMPEX AG-600B - AG-500 Electronics Schematics
AMPEX ATR-800 Supply Reel Power Schematic and Drawings

AMPEX AG-440B/445B Capstan Servo Kit

AMPEX Microphone Preamplifier Plug-In CATALOG NO: 4010066 Schematic and Documentation

AMPEX Microphone Preamplifier Plug-In CATALOG NO: 4010066-02 Schematic and Documentation

AMPEX MX-35 Schematic


DBX 160 Schematic


Fairchild 660 Schematic
Fairchild 663 Schematic
Fairchild 670 Schematic


MCI JH-416 Logic Schematic
MCI JH-500C I/O Schematic
MCI JH-500D I/O Signal Flow
MCI JH-500D I/O Schematic
MCI JH-600 Signal Flow


Pultec Model EQP-1A Program Equalizer (Schematics and Manual)


Revox A77 Tape Machine Schematics


Studer A807 MKII Schematics and Drawings
Studer Model 27 Schematics and Drawings

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