Audio Industry Magazines

Audio Engineering:

Audio Engineering - October 1948
Audio Engineering - March 1949
Audio Engineering - April 1949
Audio Engineering - June 1949
Audio Engineering - October 1949
Audio Engineering - February 1952 here for more issues of Audio Engineering Magazine!

db The Sound Engineering Magazine:

db - November 1967
db - December 1967
db - January 1968
db - February 1968
db - March 1968
db - April 1968 here for more issues of db Magazine!

Magnetic Film and Tape Recording:

Tape Recording - April 1954
Tape Recording - June 1954
Tape Recording - August 1954
Tape Recording - December 1954
Tape Recording - February 1955
Tape Recording - April 1955 here for more issues of Magnetic Film and Tape Recording Magazine!

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