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Nov 22, 2022

Steve Smith

My mom worked as an engineer at Ampex in the 50’ until she became pregnant with me. I don’t need to say how that played out “happy housewife” As for me

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Nov 22, 2022

Albanian Radio Television

I have some tape recorders STUDER A80 MK2, i want to know how many working hours a new playback head does. Best regards ING. Iljan Vllashi Albanian Radio

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Nov 22, 2022

Working with Bernard "Barney" Beck

Barney Beck was the night shift (5:30 pm to 1:30 am) engineering supervisor at Columbia Records studios during my time there as an engineer. Barney was

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Nov 22, 2022


Hi Carla, I'm interested in the news clipping that has a photo of the storefront of Criteria Studios. I'd like to use it in a book I'm writing. Do you

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Nov 22, 2022


Amek grimberger

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Nov 22, 2022

Columbia Records' Customized Model 300

In the late 70s I maintained the tape recorders for the A/V and Language Labs at the Boston area universities. A friend asked me to come to the home of

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Nov 22, 2022

Kraftwerks JH-618

Kraftwerk had a JH-618 console in Kling Klang Studios It was for sale when they upgraded to digital in the late 90'S.

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Nov 22, 2022

Lou Waxman, ace tape operator, clarinetist, deli master

Working in Columbia's studios with Lou Waxman was almost always a treat. Columbia was a union shop (IBEW Local 1212)and every studio session required two

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Nov 22, 2022

Isoloop ingenious but quirky

We had one of the first 16-track M79s, and found it frustrating. The drive worked by distorting the tape between the capstan and pucks, and would sometimes

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Nov 22, 2022

Neve 8108

I was at Neve until 1976. At that time the 5534 was available but it was only known by its Philips TDA number. It had been evaluated by Neve R&D for use

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Nov 22, 2022

Middle Ear Secretary

Yes. I would love to contact the secretary who worked at Middle Ear. Thank you. Debra Rose

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Nov 22, 2022

Southern Accent

Bob recorded a song I co-wrote in 1988 with the Bama Band called Southern Accent, my first cut as a songwriter, thank you Bob! Dak Alley

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Nov 22, 2022

Audio Designs and Mfg. / aka ADM Technology

ADM delivered the first film production console to Glenn Glen Hollywood in 1981. This was the industries first digitally controlled analog console. Like

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Nov 22, 2022

Stevie B. Prayer 1992 was recorded Here.

Stevie B Prayer was partly recorded at New River 1992 classic hit. Mike Jones

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Mar 12, 2022

Southern Accent

Bob recorded a song I co-wrote in 1988 with the Bama Band called Southern Accent, my first cut as a songwriter, thank you Bob! Dak Alley

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Mar 12, 2022

Bruno Stevens, founder/owner of Kitsch Recording Studios, Brussels, Belgium

I was the second owner of the Fairchild 670 shown on the colour picture above! This unit has an incredible story and very serious pedigree, including a

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Mar 12, 2022

Glen Kolotkin Producer Engineer

I also worked with Jimi Hendrix on Electric Ladyland. Glen Kolotkin

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Mar 12, 2022

Hi There

Hi Jimmy, Remembering the Good times at Dr. Generosity’s on upper east side. Mindy

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Mar 12, 2022

Steve Smith

My mom worked as an engineer at Ampex in the 50’s until she became pregnant with me. I don’t need to say how that played out “happy housewife” As for

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Mar 12, 2022

Alvin Lee and Steve Marriott

Both of these iconic Rock stars had custom built Helios consoles in their respective studios. Alvin’s Space Studios at Hook End Manor and Steve’s Clear

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Mar 12, 2022

The Golden Years of Rock n' Roll happened here.

I worked at Mirasound in the early 70's. I recall Stevie Wonder and Paul Simon coming in to record, and bumping into Nipsey Russell in the elevator quite

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Nov 18, 2021


Thanks for posting these! I had heard this studio burned down. Wasn't it in a hotel? And why all the pix of Bob? KW

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Nov 18, 2021

All Sound Audio

I have the chopper of Joey Venneri, they used it along with Jeff Barry the producer in the original sound from the Shangri Las Leader of the pack Panhead

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Nov 18, 2021

Ex Ampex employee

I worked at a company that rebuilt Ampex recorders. Also, built replacement heads for them. Then I worked for Ampex in Colorado Springs. Dan

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Nov 18, 2021

Broadcast engineer

The Ampex AG-440 tape recorder is the finest sounding machine I have ever laid my ears on. I upgraded my half track B to a C version many years ago when

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Nov 18, 2021


Back in the 80's I was part of Waylon Jennings bunch. I've been in Jack's studio several times back then but the most memorable time was when Marty Stuart

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Jul 20, 2021

Andrew Bayfield

I ran a 16 Track version of one of these in my studio for fifteen years starting in the mid 1980s. Here's their strengths and weaknesses: They are a

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Jul 18, 2021

Fred as engineer

I didn't know who Fred was or his legendary history when I played on some commercial jingle sessions for Keller & Cohen in the late '90s, but one playback

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Jul 18, 2021

The Albert Brothers - Ron & Howard Albert

Producers at Criteria and now run Audio Vision Studios in Miami.

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Jul 18, 2021

Townhouse Studios

I used to work at Townhouse Studios, London in the 1990s, as a maintenance technician. I worked with seven of these machines (two in each of the three

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Jul 18, 2021

100 proof ‎– Careless Life 1993

100 proof ‎– Careless Life 1993.......the forgotten band !!!!! Sean

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Jul 18, 2021

Mixing consoles 8108

Radio Televizija Sarajev >Bosnia i Herzegovinia

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Jul 18, 2021

Looking for George

George was an early mentor at Mirasound... worked with Skip J and Phyllis later at Sound Exchange. :) Anyone have contact info for George? Cheers Winn

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Jul 18, 2021

Gordon Neal / Herman Lewis Griffin

Hi George, My name is Jordan Wilson, I am a musical historian from The Soul Archive in England and I also work alongside MD Records. I am currently researching

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Jul 18, 2021

Swiss Engineering at its best

I have a 1973 ReVox A77, and it’s so incredibly detailed and sophisticated. The only Achilles heel of it is the life of the heads - at 900 hours, that’s

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Jul 18, 2021

12 track

Very cool Paul. Do you still have this machine? I’ve always been curious about this format but have never seen a scully 12 track in person. Ben

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Jul 18, 2021

I have one to sell!

Scully Model 100 Series Tape Machine available for sale. Warren

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Jul 18, 2021

Scully M100 at Straight Time Productions, Pittsburgh PA circa 1971

This photo is of a Scully M100 installed at Straight Time Productions in 1971. It was a pretty good machine once you figured out some of the strangeness

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Jul 18, 2021

Early history of the M49

At the end of World War II George Neumann decided that magnetic recording would oust the disc from the market, so he decided to concentrate his firm's

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Jul 18, 2021

Bob and Lynn Goldman

I think Bob and Lynn Goldman, and Mirasound Studio should be added. Many of the photos of individuals from the 50's and 60's were taken at Mirasound.

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Jul 18, 2021

ATE - Retired

I was one of first to use ATE (incircuit bed of nails) for the depot repair of field returns PWC manufactured by numerous manufactured. Your system cost

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Jul 18, 2021

The Studer A80/R at Tannoyista

I own a Studer A80/R 1/4 15/30 IPS machine. The reproduction quality of this machine is second to none. It's absolutely stunning. I first bought my A80

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Jul 18, 2021

Rick Landers,

In the summer of 1974 I briefly worked for the Virgin Records shop in Coventry, U.K., and was invited to go to Abbey Road Studios to hang out with Roy

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Jul 18, 2021

Rebuilding a treasury destroyed by the loudness war

Until Columbia, aka Sony Music, decides to release a decent stereo remix of Miles Davis' Milestones from Fred Plaut's original multi-track tapes, I tried

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Jul 18, 2021

Brad T. Svoboda ( Drummer/ Percussionist )

Fred Catero! An amazing, genuine inspiration to my life! As a drummer I started playing at age 7, self-taught. My primary inspiration growing up in a family

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Jul 18, 2021

The Manor desk

Hello - the Manor desk, pictured maybe fifth from the top, belongs to myself and a partner. I was told by a good friend of Dick’s, from whom I bought

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Jul 18, 2021

Trying to figure out a record that's labeled Mirasound.

I have the song He won't stay and i was wondering if anyone knows whos the artist? It's a lady singer. Can you send me any artist you think it is? Thank

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Jul 18, 2021

Eric Siegel

I met Bob Goldman while I was working as a video technician at a closed circuit television company in New York City. He invited me to his studio and showed

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Jul 18, 2021

Larry DeCarmine - Recording Engineer, Assistant Engineer

I had the pleasure to record and assist on many of Melba Moore Capitol Records recording, she was always very,professional, pleasant and personable! Larry

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