by John Sayers

The AG-1000 was a modified Video recorder deck. They just replaced the head stack and the first units were only eight tracks on 1" tape. In the photo above there are only 8 amplifier units mounted below, the other units would have been in an adjacent Rack unit. They later mounted them in a console above the deck.

John Sayers

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Jan 31, 2014
The 2nd AG-1000 is the most famous...


Jimmy from here; I own the second AG-1000 ever made that was sold to Pacific Studios in San Francisco and was eventually purchased and converted in to a VTR-1000 slanted frame and extensively modified by Ron Wickersham of Alembic for the Greatful Dead. It was the primary tape recorder for the "Wall of Sound" (the worlds 1st PA system) and was leased by many bands in that era. It actually toured the world and recorded many of those touring groups of the late sixties and early seventies. The machine was named "Heard" by the recording team for the Greatful Dead. After its touring days it recorded more famous artists as part of several San Francisco based recording studios before making it down to me in Los Angeles 25 years ago. I have almost fully restored it and will be offering sessions on it this year 2014. The discography for this machine is sick! He offers a look at it (Picture downloaded off my webpage) on this site at :

Further info on this machine is available at the Alembic website under their corporate history. Extensive stories of its days with the dead. My site is: JIMESTUDIOS.COM for those interested. Thanks, Jimmy

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