Bill Bassett

by Bill Bassett
(Rimrock AZ USA)

I've only seen one Langevin Console. It was in about 1971, in Seattle. The studio became Holden Hamilton and Roberts but at the time I believe it was called Seattle Sound. On 55th ST N. Just east of Meridian in the Wallingford neighborhood. It was a wonderful place. I did many many sessions on pedal steel, dobro and guitar.

I seem to remember their technical engineer, a real pocket protector/slide rule kind of guy was named Wayne...Peterson or Pearson....something like that. He was very proud of his automated fade out circuit. Just set the time and the fader would smoothly fade the song to infinity. The Langevin was replaced by the time I actually started working there regularly. I believe a Harrison took it's place. That and the 3M 2 inch 16 track which could be configured to run 1 inch 8 track and even 1/2 inch 4 track. Many fond memories of HHR.

Bill Bassett

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May 16, 2017
Hello and Correction
by: Bob Holden

Bill, So good to see your name again and I hope you're doing well. Much of what you wrote is spot on. Wayne Pommer was our chief technical engineer and was, and still is, an amazing fellow. The Langevine console HHR inherited was a solid state 25, yes 25 input mixer. I think this was due to a side car unit adding an odd number of input channel modules. This mixer had 4 output buses plus 4 auxes. Wayne retrofitted stereo pan pots on each channel as it was setup as assign only to the four buses. It had a great sound but was limiting due to the small number of buses. Fortunately the Scully 288 16 track, with an 8 track head stack, had direct mic/line inputs so we could simply patch each mic to a track. We replaced the Langevine with an Auditronics 24 x 24 mixer which we later added 8 more channels for 32 x 24. The studio was a busy place during the 1970s and early 80s.

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