Bill Radice Mirasound Engineer 1969-1973

by Bill Radice
(Oakdale, TN)

I worked there during a tumultuous period, although everything about Bob was a firestorm of ideas, plans, and construction, and endless construction. Bob was the ultimate studio owner, treating all his people like family.

My memories of hours and hours of sessions in the new gigantic studio are vivid. Often I was so busy I was unable to go home to western NJ where I livid. Bob made sure we never had to leave by booking us rooms in the hotel which the place was located in. I had come there with a solid following and lots of hit records to my credit.

Working in the big room was an amazing experience especially since there was nothing quite like it anywhere else in the city. It was a complex of mixing rooms, editing, mastering, and recording, all surrounding an outdoor courtyard. Bob wanted every innovation available and ultimately extended himself too far for the business available.

After a dispute about my not being paid, something that happened often, I finally moved on to work for the greatest studio owner who ever lived, Eddie Germano, and became close with him as part of the team who ultimatley built the now famous Hit Factory of the greatest of all time.

I went on to quit the studio business and went into television for 28 years. I retired several years ago and moved to Knoxville Tennessee and recently got involved in a local small studio where everything is digital based and very different from the old days...but I still love it!

I've got photos of these days and will submit them soon.

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