Columbia Studios remix console

by Storko
(New York)

I had a brief correspondence with Mr. Schowerer about ten years ago and he happened to describe this console. He wrote:

"Patch point accessability was used universally in all larger setups because you could insert anything you needed at a point which was most beneficial. Columbia records used the same layouts even in remix rooms where the patch bay area was about 20-24 inches of rack space. In the case of Columbia's remix consoles, they used two linear faders per mix with 60 db and off in series with a second fader in line which was 15 db overall. This way you had lots of movement where needed and the fade was performed by the 60db and off fader. This way you never lost your individual settings on the channel... you merely brought all 60's up to full on position and your mix position level in each input channel was undisturbed." - George Schowerer



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