Early Ampex 4 track 1/2 inch Machine

by Mike Spenser
(London, England)

Ampex 4 track 1/2 inch early-mid 50's

Ampex 4 track 1/2 inch early-mid 50's

I have had this machine since about 1982 when I worked in Abbey Road (EMI Studios). I know that Abbey Road did not prefer to use Ampex for various reasons so I can only assume that this machine was an early prototype that was bought and tested then mothballed until the day manager, Chris Buchanan, told me about it, probably lurking around in the studios vast cellar, and which I acquired. i know it is older that the early 60's as the record lens caps are all round and red and not the clear rectangular ones from later models.

Mike Spenser

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Jan 04, 2018
by: Bob Morritt

I recorded on the Ampex 4 track 1/2achine in June of 1962 in Phoenix, Arizona. It produced an amazing clarity of sound.The tape was then dubbed in the Audio-Recorders of Arizona at 3703 N.7th.,in Phoenix to a dub 45rpm a label affixed and typewritten on same label by Ritchie Gearhart ( known on his own recordings as 'Ritchie Hart',later he returned to his home State of Kentucky in the 1970's and started a group there known as 'Goose Creek' they had a few LP's ( 33 1/3rd) released on major label at that time.
In 1963 ( May) I was in the Abbey Road studio with then the producer Roland Rennie he later became director of Phonogram and was well known within the British recording industry.

Bob Morritt

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