Every Mother's Son

by Marty Ratner

I still have the original album.

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Dec 16, 2012
Every Mother's Son - Photos
by: Chris Juried

Hi Denny,

Great and exciting to here you are still playing! Would you mind filling us in on the Mira Sound, NY recording Sessions. These pictures were taken by Georger Schowerer (Engineer) and posted by me, with pleasure, and George's permission...


Chris Juried
Audio Engineering Society (AES) Full Voting Member
Juried Engineering, LLC
http://www.TubeEquipment.com (Tube Equipment Corporation)
https://www.historyofrecording.com (HistoryOfRecording.com)

Feb 02, 2012
From "Every Mother's Son" #1
by: Denny Sarokin

Hi - this is Denny Sarokin (Larden), singer/guitarist/songwriter for the band. Thanks to whomever posted these - I've never seen them before
I'm still playing, writing, & recording in Nashville. For updates, free music & guitar instructional videos from my "LICK*TIONARY - The Songwriter's Guide To GREAT Guitar!" For Skype guitar lessons or song consultations, or just to say hi, go to www.dennysarokin.com or email info@licktionary.com
Best of Everything to One And All!


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