Gary S. Paxton

Gary S. Paxton started trying to write at the age of 10. He has written or co-written over 2000 songs. He has been very blessed. Approximately 600 of them have been recorded. Over 150 of his songs have been Hits' Multi-Hits, and multiple chart hit/ His songs have been used for TV Themes, TV Background Music, in movies and commercials.

Gary has had Number 1 Hits and multiple Chart Hits, in Rock & Roll, Country, R & B and Gospel... His biggest Rock & Roll hit, Monster Mash, has sold many millions, it was #1 in 1962, a hit again in 1967 and again in 1974 and is in many hit compilation LP's including the Beach Boys.

"Alley - Oop" (Gary was the Artist, Co-Producer and Publisher, Dallas Frazier was the Writer).
"Cherry Pie" (Gary was the Artist/Producer, Marvin Phillips was the writer).
"It Was I" (This was Gary's first million seller, and was written by Gary when he was 16).

Gary was Flip of Skip & Flip (Gary was Artist, Producer & Writer). Plus many more Rock & Roll Chart Hits. Note: Gary was in Hollywood from 1959 to 1970. He owned 5 Studios and Produced or Co-Produced over 1000 Artist's (Approximately 300 of them from Canada). While in Hollywood he Produced such Artists as the Hollywood Argyles, Paul Revere & The Raiders, Mark Lindsey, Leon Russell & David Gates, Richard (Louie, Louie) Berry, The Innocents. Gary helped produce The Association, Tommy Roe and countless numbers of other Rock & Roll Artists.

Gary has Produced or Co-Produced many Jazz Greats, such as The Four Freshmen, Pete Candoli, Barney Kessell, Dick Contino, Myron Floren and many others.

When Gary was in Bakersfield, he Produced the Gosdin Brothers, Michale Martin Murphy, and many other country stars in his 2 Studios.

In 1970, Gary moved to Nashville, TN, where he began writing for Acoustic Music Inc., a company owned by Danny Davis (The Nashville Brass), Buddy Lee (the number 1 acency in town), and the attorney Lawerence J. Greene. Gary also started working immediately with Chet Atkins President of RCA). One of the first songs Gary wrote in Nashville was "Woman Sensous Woman", it was recorded by the Legendary Don Gibson and became a Million Seller in 1972. It was a Million Seller for Ray Charles in 1984 and it sold 2 1/2 million in 1996 when Mark Chestnut recorded it (Not bad for a $300.00 DEMO). He also Co-Wrote the Number 1 hit "Honeymoon Feeling" that was recorded by Roy (Hee Haw) Clark. Plus another 100 Chart Hits by various artisits.

Gary also produced many country artists, Jimmy Dean, Wanda Jackson, Vern Gosdin (Top 10 Hits), Bobby G. Rice and Many Many others.
in 1970, Gary was saved and surrendered his life to the Lord and was led from a 15 year alcoholic and drug induced rampage, that had ended in countless business and personal tragedies. (Many described in his various Testimonies). When Gar was first saved, he had no idea how to write Gospel Music, and the Gospel Industry had no trouble telling him to get lost.

Gary turned to listening only to the "Holy Spirit" and began setting trend after trend, some that are still copied today. "Love" by the Blackwood Brothers won a Grammy and Doves on RCA. "He Was There All The Time" has been recorded over 200 times and in many languages, Chinese, French and many others.

"No Shortage" by The Imperials won Grammy and Dove Awards. His music has won many Grammy's, Dove's as well as BMI and ASCAP Awards and one of them on a Herb Alpert LP sold over 39 million copies.

Gary has many Gold and Platinum Albums in Various Genres. In 1996 he Produced a CD with Porter Wagoner and 105 of his friends, Garth Brooks, Vince Gill, Dolly Parton and a list of many many more. The CD was in the back of the book "Chicken Soup for the Soul" (Sold over 800,000 copies). In addition Gary as Co-Written many songs with Bill & Gloria Gaither, Bill burns, Dan Adkins, Ronn huff and many others.

Due to a murder for hire plot against his life (another of God's Miracles in Gary's life) and various health problems, Gary moved to Branson, Mo in 1999, where he now lives with his wife Vicki Sue, and his son Gary S Paxton III. Gary writes and pitches songs from his publishing catalogues.

Gary S. Paxton

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