George "Shadow" Morton

by Joann Westburgh
(New Port Richey)

I met george when I was 13, he was 15. George was hanging out the basement window with Artie and Marty and I walked by. He called me over and that is how we met.

I was crazy over him; he was my best friend and boyfriend over the next four years and he took me to my prom. We lived 3 blocks from each other but went to different schools.

I have so many memories of hanging around Marty's house with George, Artie, Sal, Tony and Marty's brother Joe. George asked me to marry him when I turned 17. I will never forget that night because I turned him down. I was to young but deep in my heart, to this day, I am sorry I turned him down as he was my best friend.

Joann Westburgh

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Mar 07, 2013
Your father
by: Chris Juried

Thank you, Keli, for sharing with us a bit more about your father. I wish I would have had the chance to meet him as his talent was nothing short of amazing. Do you have any photos and/or stories you could share with us?


Chris Juried

Mar 05, 2013
George "Shadow" Morton
by: Anonymous

It makes me very happy that you have such fond memories of my Dad. Yes he was special. It's not surprising he'd leave such a lovely mark. However, Very few people really knew my Dad, hence the nickname Shadow. I along w/my sisters & our Mother were blessed to share this life.

Keli Morton Gerrits

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