Ingesón Estudios - Bogotá Colombia

by Javier Martínez
(Bogotá Colombia)

Ingesón Estudios was created in 1966 by the eminent Acoustic Engineer, Historian and Musical Critic Manuel Drezner. From its beginnings, Ingesón was distinguished for being pioneer in the development of the music recording industry in Colombia, being the starting point of the most important productions in the musical history of this country.

INGESON was the first study with a multichannel system (1967), the first study of synchronization for cinema in Latin America (1970), the first study to have a mixed automation system in 24 channels (1980), the first study with digital automation (1991) First studio of digital mastering in Colombia (1993) and was pioneer in the industry of the manufacture of compact disc and DVD with its subsidiary Disonex SA

In 2013, INGESON ESTUDIOS is acquired by the company Arte Nova Music Lab and becomes the first school of Audio and Music Production with similar equipment in Colombia. After a careful and arduous process of restoration of its equipment, INGESON ESTUDIOS opens its doors again in 2015, continuing with the tradition of its founders of providing excellence in sound quality and service to its clients in the field of the music industry In Colombia and Latin America.

Javier Martínez

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