Just a neighbor of Fred's.

by Steven L. Sanders
(2714 Trout Circle,Grants Pass,Oregon 97527)

I lived down the street at 1343 Chestnut St., with my parents and younger brothers. One day Fred was walking his dog when he heard my brother's band practicing in the garage. Fred knocked on the front door. I answered the door and saw this long haired , muscle bound guy asking if it was my band playing.I said "no it's my brother's band called 'Poor Edgar'. Fred then replied that if the band was ever interested in recording to let him know. Long story short , Fred was a man of his word and recorded the band . He only charged them for the studio time but not his as the engineer. Truly one of a kind gentleman and person of integrity. Thank you Fred for your time and giving some young bucks a shot .

A great personal memory for me. Steve Sanders

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