LL Sentelle/ MezzAminD Records

by Larry Sentelle
(San Diego, CA. USA)

I'll never forget the first time a U67 was used on my amp. The recording room was medium-sized, this was maybe 1986. The engineers had already positioned his mics, a 57 on the grill, and a Neumann U67, maybe 3 feet back, and maybe 5 feet off of the wooden floor. I was using this Peavey MX 1x12 combo, which was loaded up with a matched quartet of 6L6's. The guitar was a natural finish, ash 1972 Strat, qwhich had a Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder in the bridge position. Being a brash. young, metal guitarist, I cranked the amp until it was excursing, and virtually, screaming. As soon as I sat down, the engineer hit the talk button...

OK, just let rip to the lead section of the song, while I get levels.

I did as he asked, I went bananas on my guitar, just bananas...

The next thing I knew, the engineer's voice was in my cans...

"Come on into the control room, we're done, nice job, kid.

The lead sounding amazing! I had the engineer solo the U67 and he began to educate me on the microphone. He had purchased this particular U67 when the German Radio stations were all going to solid state microphones. The guy paid $250 for the U67! I told him, I'd take 10!

The U 67 was stellar on LV's, I was in absolute awe.

Larry Sentelle

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Feb 19, 2021
responding to John Sisti
by: LL Sentelle

Yes! Thank you John,

Your detailed comment is appreciated. Neumann's history is quite fascinating.

U67 vs U87/U87i/U87ai on vocal? I wouldn't waste recording time shooting out the two mics. U67 all day, everyday. No contest.

Feb 03, 2019
by: John Sisti

This is a beautiful mic. We had several at A&M back in the day. I always thought they were clearer than the 87. They were part of an evolutionary path that used fundamentally the same capsule as the Bottle mic of the thirties that moved to the m49 and M 50, to the U47 and then the 67 until the U87 took dominance. An amazing series of performers.

John Sisti

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