Love John Simon's stuff! Great to see him represented here!

by Buffalo Bruce
(Massachusetts, USA)

I have some of John's recordings on vinyl - his work and with others (he has played with Taj Mahal). The man is incredibly talented! A superb, always-in-demand producer, he has helped create many of the most famous rock albums! As a solo performer, he created songs that were witty and offbeat, and always memorable. Listen to his album "John Simon's Album" and compare it to the so-called best psychedelia of the seventies! You'll find that the was almost without a peer!!

Check out the review on the AllMusicGuide:
You gotta love a guy who sings about elves, and names a song "Tannenbaum". Check out the tune co-authored by Robbie Robertson and featuring members of The Band, "Davey's On The Road Again"! Enjoy it all! You won't be able to help yourself!

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