This is a photo of me operating the Ampex MM-1000 at Mystic Sound Studios in Hollywood, circa 1978.

The MM-1000 was installed at Mystic in 1971, along with AG-440 2 track and 4 track machines, a Spectrasonics mixing board and amplifiers, and JBL 4320 and 4310 speakers. This equipment replaced Stevens/3M 8 track equipment that was installed in 1968, when the studio was established by former Mercury Records staff Mike Curb, Chris Huston, Doug Moody and Quincy Jones. Doug Moody later took over sole ownership of the studio and the Mystic record label specialized in hardcore punk in the early 80's.

The studio at 6277 Selma Ave. in Hollywood, had previously been home to Bob Keene's Mustang/Del-Fi records in the 60's. The Bobby Fuller Four and Johnny Crawford hits were recorded there. Prior to that, it was a radio production studio.

I was chief engineer and staff producer from 1978-81. By that time, the MM-1000 was considered somewhat of a dinosaur. It was clunky to operate compared to newer machines, but was capable of great sound.

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