old grannies

by pat shikany
(springfield mo.)

Just received old tapes i did of a group from the 70s grannies bathwater. i am to revive them, but before i do let me give you a brief history. a

jazz crusader type band really good, our areas best. at the time a band called the ozark mountain daredevils were charting many songs. their management company good karma and i were in meetings to break grannies into the national market.good sums of money was included in the deal and the leader of the band mike bunge was a good friend. mike and ralph, the drummer, were killed by a drunk driver. so went my deal and my friend. the point of the history is to explain the local interest. i recorded these tapes live in a bar if they are what i think they are they are and should be pretty bad. here is what im going to do. bake the ampex 456 tape to avoid shedding. then find 30 cycles 100 cycles 1k 10k and 15k tones and align my 1/2 track otari to the tones. listen to what i have. then i probably will process through my vitalizer, using it for high end and low presence and exaggerate stereo separation. roll off all low end and send to and add low end absent rev 7 verb to the entire track. then commit to digital medium. i hope its listenable.

Pat Shikany

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