Owner operator BRT STUDIO FL.

by Norman titcomb
(Las Vegas Nv.)

Bought 12 track Scully from Odessa studio in Ft. LAUDERDALE

Paid around $6000 and was a great investment. I didn't realise when I bought I bought a buisness with it.
I suddenly got calls from former customers wanting to know if I had the machine. I started booking my start up studio in Florida and got my buisness kick started. There was no other recorder with that format in Fl. And I got the reward of owning this beast.It worked grat and we ending selling it 5 years later for what we paid for it. I had the experience of owning a 2_4_8_12_16&24
All were Scullys except 24 Otari
Born in Ct. I lived the Bridgeport made Scullys.later met Ham Brousious
And sold some gear I bought from him.
I guess I was a BIG Scully fan
I had very few breakdowns or issues,very reliable...
Norm Titcomb

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