Paul Landrus II - Pro Recording Artist - Pianos - Sound Tech 1.

by Paul Landrus II
(Lebanon, OR 97355-8806)

Nashville, Tennessee Recording Studios:

Music Row Sessions. Dust...Cigarette Smoke Residues...Tar & Nicotine... Dirty hands and fingers...Insulation & Drywall Sheetrock. Scrapped Master Tapes...Intoxicated Musicians & Engineers.

Failed and Bankrupt Corporations. Collapsed Structures. Asbestos Dust Fibers...Medications: Incoherent A&R Techs. Electrical Static Noises: Faulty Wiring & Power Surges...

Unimproved Wiring Codes from 1940's - 1950's to 1970's. Defective Demo Vinyl Promo recordings...Feedback Problem; Distortion: Electrical Wiring, Guitar Amps, Static, and faulty Guitar Volume Controls, Tone-Dead Strings, to bad sounds resulting from internal guitar wiring connections, or guitar necks that needed new fretboards, due to neck warpage caused by abuses, cold weather, moisture dampness.

Needless to say, Broadway Music Stocks became unpopular, among Music Purist-Critics. Pianos: Out-of-Tune Dis-Tones. Damaged mechanical parts.

Paul Landrus II

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