Foundation Building Reading Material for the Recording Arts

Fundamental Principles of Magnetic Tape Recording/Reproduction

Basic Concepts of Magnetic Tape Recording, ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT PUBLICATION. Courtesy of Ampex Corporation.

Magnetic Recording Theory for Instrumentation, ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT PUBLICATION. Courtesy of Ampex Corporation.

The Birth of Tape Recording in the U.S. by Peter Hammer.

Magnetic Recording Parts 1 and 2 by Harold Lindsey, db Magazine December 1977. Courtesy of Bill Ruck.

The History of Magnetic Recording by Mark Mooney, Jr. Courtesy of Bill Ruck.

Choosing and Using MRL Calibration Tapes for Audio Tape Recorder Standardization. Courtesy of MAGNETIC REFERENCE LABORATORY, INC.

The Tape Head Relationship in Multi-Track Recording by Frazer Leslie. Courtesy of Ampex and the Audio Engineering Society.

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