Scully M-100

by Don Bell
(Lanesboro, MN)

Straight Time Productions control room

Straight Time Productions control room

In 1971 I built a control room for Straight Time Productions in Pittsburgh, PA. Included was a Scully M-100 which we got thru Martin Audio, NYC. When it was working well, it was a decent machine but it did have its problems.

One was getting the transport to handle the tape correctly. This involved leveling the cabinet and then leveling the deck plate. If anything was out of whack, the tape would skew up the record/play head. The erase head alignment was critical as well. Otherwise you had incomplete erasure. It didn't like the new high output tape, either.
The first week we used the machine a new NPR station in town went on the air with a much higher power transmitter. We were detecting the station with the repro head. That took some fiddling with grounding and physically moving the machine in the control room.

Don Bell

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