Scully Model 280 Tape Machine

by Ivy

My experience with this tape deck is at the electronic music studio at Harvard University in the mid 1980s. They had two of the two track Scullys side by side and we'd do tape delays by running the 1/4" tape across the two decks. We'd use a microphone stand to adjust the delay time, pulling the tape farther away from the decks to make it longer.

The other thing I remember was how stern Ivan Tcherepnin, the professor, was with his warning that when slowing down from FF or RW, you had to brake by using the opposite direction to slow it down before stopping it with the Stop button.

Thanks for the info and great pics here.


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Oct 24, 2017
by: Dan Simon

That machine did not have logic control circuits for transport. Hence manual operation of slowing down tape during FF/Rewind was absolutely neccassary as to not damage tape or transport.

Dan Simon

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