Sr. Engineer, KG6FDM

by Jerry Snaper
(Plant City, Fl 33567)

I was a field engineer for Mincom in their earliest days and knew Jack Mullen, not sure about the other engineers. Mr.Frank Healy, Bing Crosbys manager hired me.

I delivered and serviced the M56 around Hollywood and there was one in the Mamas and Popas attic studio. I often had to visit to clean spilled drinks out of it. The capstan was rim driven and would slip when wet. I also installed one in the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake.

later I specialized in the instrumentation recorders and spent my life servicing them while working with the Military in many countries. 25 years in Wiesbaden alone.

Last time I saw one of the $200K machines was upside down in a dumpster. They were the cutting edge of American technology Does anyone know where my old boss Dave Clark may be?

Jerry Snaper

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