Studer 2 inch reel to reels are great, but.....

by Scott
(New York, New York USA)

Studer 2 inch reel to reels are great but I don't think they sound as good as other 2 inch machines. I have heard Studers on four different occasions now and I think they lack mids and bass.

I am also the owner of a Tascam ATR 60 and a Tascam ATR 80. They are in great condition and bought off of ebay. I think they reproduce far better bass and low mids that the Studers. Also, I paid in total with shipping roughly $6000 for both machines.

I really can't understand why the ebay resellers of Studer 2 inch machines have the nerve to charge upwards of $14,000 for a used Studer 2 inch. This is just total gall and elitism.

Anyway, I am more than happy with my Tascams and although, Studers were the original machine; that doesn't go to far with me at this time. I think Studers were designed to work with the european classical music genre and can not hold there own with other genres of music.


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