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With the Studer A807's compact and rugged design, its system flexibility, and the high operating convenience afforded by its microprocessor, the STUDER A807 tape recorder satisfies all requirements of a universal studio machine, be it radio or television studios, recording studios, theater, film, auditoriums, or scientific institutes.

Studer A807

Its salient features are:

■ Highly stable die-cast aluminum alloy chassis for the tape transport, the headblock, and other assemblies. The new design extends the possible tape capacity and allows operation with 1000m standard tape.

■ Hall-commutated brushless DC capstan motor with capacitative tacho sensor for highly accurate tape speed and outstanding acceleration and deceleration rates.

■ Fast tape deck with high tape spooling speeds and gentle processing of the tapes by electronically controlled tape tension, 2 controlled AC spooling motors with photoelectric tacho sensors and noncontacting tape tension sensor.

■ Precision electronic tape counter with real-time indication. Photoelectric scanning of the guide roller rotation.

■ Easy editing: motor-assisted with variable spooling speed (SHUTTLE mode) or manually by turning the right-hand reel (one-handed editing). For cueing in spooling mode, the high end of the frequency response is lowered.

■ Monitor speaker below the tape deck cover or in the penthouse.

■ Manually operable shield above the reproduce head; can remain closed in spooling mode.

Due to the enormous system flexibility, a suitable A807 version is available for any type of application:

■ The basic version is available as a mono, 2-channel or stereo machine with or without external instrument panel. Special versions are available for timecode applications and for 1/2" tape (four channels).

■ Can be operated in horizontal, inclined, or vertical position.

■ Three of four available tape speeds can be selected: 3.75/7.5/15/30ips. Depending on the configuration either the slowest or the fastest speed is not available.

■ The 1/2"-4-track tape recorder is available with the tape speed configuration: 7.5 / 15 / 30ips (19 / 38 / 76cm) only.

■ The inputs and outputs are balanced and floating, with input/output transformers.

■ Either with selector switch for two tape types with different calibration data, or with selector switch for NAB/CCIR equalization.

■ Zero locator and transfer locator for up to 3 addresses as standard features.

■ Dolby HX PRO headroom extension system as standard feature.

■ Equipped with varispeed (variable tape speed).

■ Keys for input and output selection on models equipped with VU meters:

Input selection:

MIC ON (microphone input; this input does not exist on units equipped with external instrument panel); LINE ON (line input). The microphone inputs are always equipped with a 48V phantom power (changeover to 24 or 12V possible.

Output selection:

INPUT, REPRO, and SYNC (reproduction via record head).

VU-meter panel with input and output selection keys, level potentiometer for recording.

■ Adjustable for line voltages of 100 to 140V / 200 to 240VAC, ±10%, 50...60HZ.

■ Can be remote controlled from a terminal or personal computer via an RS232 interface.

■ Connection facilities for fader start circuit, parallel and serial remote control.

High operating convenience afforded by microprocessor control:

■ The last operating state is saved when the machine is switched off: tape counter, locator addresses, tape speed, setting of the input and output selectors. The STOP mode is automatically activated when the machine is powered on again.

■ Drop in by pressing only the REC key in play mode (internally programmable)

■ Drop out by pressing PLAY during a recording.

■ Reduced spooling speed (LIBRARY WIND): A lower spooling speed can be selected for producing pancakes that are to be saved in the library.


■ TAPE DUMP (waste basket mode with disabled take-up motor).

■ LAP TIME (second time level for measuring individual tape segments without influencing the main tape counter).

■ Adjustment of the audio parameters and setting of "soft jumpers" via the keyboard.

■ LOC START positions the magnetic tape automatically at the address at which the last play or record command (for standstill) was entered.

The following options available are:

■ Mono/stereo switch with or without test generator (60,125Hz, 1,10,16kHz) available:

■ Tape scissors and tape marker as well as a headblock cover plate with integrated scissors/splicing block.

■ Additional splicing block for units without VU-meter.

■ Synchronizer interface.

■ Extern connection for INSERT-lnput (slave points).

■ Audio remote port.

■ Elapsed time meter.

■ Noise reduction port.

Foundational text courtesy of Studer Literature.

Studer A807 Tape Machine
Studer A807 Tape Machine
studer a807
Studer A807 OverBridge 2-Track

Studer A807 Tape Machine

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