Webster University's Audio Production Program

by Barry Hufker
(St. Louis, Missouri, USA)

Studio A Control Room

Studio A Control Room

Begun in 1989, the Audio Production Program is a 4-year liberal arts education in all aspects of audio for media. We were the first to teach audio in media, instead of being a "music recording" program. With 150 students majoring in audio, we are one of the largest programs in North America.

Our department, within the School of Communications, is the Department of Audio Aesthetics and Technology. We offer courses in music recording but also audio for visual media, sound reinforcement, audio facility management, sound design, audio facility maintenance, ear training, acoustics and psychoacoustics, aesthetics, MIDI, radio production -- in short, we teach audio wherever one may find it. There are three full-time faculty and thirteen adjunct faculty, all who work in the areas they teach.

We also offer a Certificate in Entrepreneurship in association with the School of Business and an Emphasis in International Audio Production. To earn the Certificate, students must successfully complete all the courses for the BA in Audio Production, but also must successfully complete a prescribed series of courses within the School of Business.

The Emphasis requires completing all the courses for the BA degree in Audio but also requires foreign language proficiency and an internship abroad done in that language.

All students must successfully complete a Portfolio Review before performing their required internship. The internship is done in the final semester of the senior year.

Webster University is a fully accredited private university located in St. Louis, Missouri, with four European campuses, a campus in Thailand and one in Ghana.

Our contact information:
Vernetta Bishop
Audio Aesthetics and Technology
Webster University
470 E. Lockwood Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63119
(314) 246-7636

Thank you for allowing me to send this information to you.

Barry Hufker
Audio Aesthetics and Technology

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