Additional to Plasma meters

by Peter Clark

The origins of the plasma meters come from CBS London who gave MCI an NTP plasma meter and said, "This, all along the console, please." The meters originally had a "sample and hold" feature, but were horrific to make both in terms of time and cost, so MCI commissiones a Mk2 version, the one most people know.

Peter Clark

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Jun 12, 2018
by: John sisti

The first place for media so I saw were in the mid 70s at A&M. They were so fast and accurate you couldn’t keep track of your levels. We found when we mixed on them they would end up being about 10 to 15 DB below what we really had thought we were aiming for.
They definitely got better in the years to follow.

Jun 12, 2018
MCI JH Series Consoles
by: Bob McGraw

Yes those MCI plasma meters added a class touch. Peter- good to see you are still around.
Bob McGraw

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