Alvin Lee and Steve Marriott

by Tim Hinkley
(Nashville, Tennessee, USA)

Steve Beehive Cottage 1975

Steve Beehive Cottage 1975

Both of these iconic Rock stars had custom built Helios consoles in their respective studios. Alvin’s Space Studios at Hook End Manor and Steve’s Clear Sound at Beehive Cottage. Both were 16 track facilities woth Studer 2 inch machines.

I recorded many many tracks with both of them. Alvin’s desk was the bigger I think with a 16 monitor sidecar as a opposed to Steve’s which had an 8 channel playback monitor section in the center.
These consoles produced the best analog sound of all consoles. I was never convinced of the Neves …they sounded a little ‘dull’ to me. That console in Olympic studios no 1 was the best especially as it was such a great room. Here’s a picture courtesy of Gered Mankowitz of Steve marriott in his Clear Sound studio.

Tim Hinkley

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