KUNF, La Cañada, California

by A. P. R.
(Sun Valley, Idaho)

My last two years of high school were in La Cañada, California, 1973-1975. They had a 10 watt FM radio station equipped with old equipment donated from ABC via a fellow named Fred Lyle (sp?) who was the technical advisor for the station. I think I met him once. We had at least three of these "stoves" at the station along with a Western Electric board, turntables and other vintage equipment. I developed my radio voice there, mostly imitating the style of the Firesign Theater. I had their early records memorized at some point. KUNF is long gone, but I have some old 35mm negatives I shot of the station. I might scan them in the near future and post here. Later on I actually made a living in broadcast for 18 years, on and off, as a broadcast technician, cameraman, editor and voice talent for the now-defunct KSVT/KSVX in the Sun Valley, Idaho area. The recession and the internet killed the station.

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