Probably the best sounding console ever produced by humans.

by Karel Post

I bought my JH556-D LM because after figuring out which studio's and producers did the best sounding records ever, i also found out the consoles that have did the best 3d and stereo-width mixes were actually MCI's.

I would even say that they are the only consoles that can capture brass and drums properly and let them become a reality on tape or digital without getting schreechy and covered with noisey distortions.

The most organic, deep and warm console ever, with very good top-end!

Sonically superior to SSL and Neve desks in my humble opinion.
Only Harrisons come close or equal.

Once you know what you hear and what you're looking for, you can identify a MCI console out of every record that you play.

Listen to Bob Marley, and Grace Jones' records or Joe Cocker's Ruby Lee! That's MCI guys!

Karel Post

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