by Don Bradley
(Simi Valley, Ca. 93062)

Several years ago I was in Memphis, Tennessee and stopped by the old Sun Recording studio, sitting there was this 4 track Ampex machine that I was told they used in all the early recordings of Cash, Jerry Lee, and of course Elvis.

The guy that was there at the record store next to the studio said he was Sam Phillips brother, well anyhow he had a tape on the machine and turned it on, the sound was just great and when he turned up the volume the bass would make your shorts wiggle.

Years later I was working with a property management company and that led me into many homes and apartments to do work, and that is where one day I saw this old Ampex machine that looked exactly like the one I had seen at Sun Records sitting in the corner next to an old guitar, I ask the guy if it worked and would he sell it & he answered yes to both I bought it.

Over the years I had fun using it and it did a great job of ping ponging from one track to another, it is in a up-right cabinet like one of those in your pictures up the page.

The only thing I ever had done to this machine was some time ago I took it into a shop to have the heads re-aligned, there was no problems with sound but one of my friends suggested it would be a good idea so I did.

When I covered this machine and parked it in my garage my idea was one day my brother and I would use it for making demos in our little studio in Kentucky, but that never happened my brother passed now I would like to sell it & let the memories go.

Don Bradley Simi Valley, Ca 805-522-6045 is the phone number.

Don Bradley

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