Remixing for digital re-release.

by John A. Johnson

I remixed almost all of the Cleveland Orchestra and many of the Philadelphia Orch. cds. When I remixed the Mozart violin concertos with Isaac Stern, The producer had other things to do so he left me alone. I decided that these cds would not have the usual screechy violin sound so I tried to make Isaac sound as he would have sounded about 10th row center in Carnegie Hall. I did this with some trepidation, knowing that I could get a royal ass-chewing for this. About two weeks after the issue, I met Isaac in the hallway and he thanked me for making him sound so good.------------One moring, I was woken up about one AM by by the studio manager. They need a machins man to run the tape recorder for a session that Sly Stone had demanded. I said yew because it meant that I would get 8 hours overtime pay and I was pretty sure that I would not work 8 hours. When I gor there,Sly was moving keybords into the control room. By the time he finished doing this, he decided that he didn't want to record after all and I went back home.

John A. Johnson

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