TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik VF14K replacement for the VF14M Vacuum Tube

by CJ

"Users of vintage U-47 or U-48 microphone(s) know that the supply of original TELEFUNKEN GmbH VF-14M tubes is exceptionally limited and frightfully expensive if you can find a good one. Since Neumann GmbH ran out of their supply of original tubes in the early 1960's many attempts for substitute tubes have been offered with varying degrees of success. TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik has found a suitable substitute which captures all of the "magic", "vibe" and "mojo" of the original tube.

Manufactured to be a direct "plug and play" retrofit for an original VF-14M tube socket no modifications required, the VF-14k is employed AS A suitable replacement for the VF-14M. The attached chart illustrates the minor differences between an original VF-14M and our newly created VF-14k. The test was performed in the SAME microphone a historic TELEFUNKEN U-47 Serial #3957. The difference is far less than the variation one would normally find between two historic U-47's placed side by side."


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